Hail, Blessed Virgin Mary

Hail Blessed Virgin Mary - sampleThese traditional carol words have been set in dramatic fashion, for SATB choir with divisi.

One of a set of Three Marian Carols, this is a challenging piece for an accomplished choir, and would suit both a dramatic slot in a carol service or a concert performance.

The work was first performed in December 2016, in the Festival of Nine Lessons and carols of St Paul’s Cathedral, London, Ontario, Canada



An idea of how it sounds can be heard in this synthesised representation via Sibelius 7:


The publication by Chromata Music is presented in A4 format, 8pp, printed on matt coated 135gsm paper.

Those who wish to perform the work also have the options of purchasing a licensed download from which they can make their own copies, or hiring copies from the publisher.

Purchase price:   1-4 copies: £1.60 each  /  5-15 copies: £1.44 each  /  16-30 copies: £1.36 each  /  31-50 copies: £1.28 each  /  51+ copies: £1.20 each

Download licence:   Up to 30 copies: £36   /  Up to 60 copies: £63  /  Up to 90 copies: £81           For larger numbers, please enquire

Hire price:  40p per copy for a four month period

To order for purchase, download or hire, or for any further information, please use the contact form below.