This short anthem or introit, suitable for any festive occasion where music plays a big role, was first performed by The Orlando Singers at Festival Choral Evensong for the 2018 Wessex Festival, in Wimborne Minster, as heard in this recording (Graham Scott – Organ):


The text (by David Fawcett) is: Upon this festive day and in this hallowed place may we behold the bounteous goodness of God. And through this gift of music let us reflect his beauteous grace. Now to God alone be the glory and all praise, this day and for ever. 

The work is available from Chromata Music in Octavo format (272 x 190 mm), printed on quality paper.

Those who wish to perform the work also have the options of purchasing a licensed download from which they can make their own copies, or hiring copies from the publisher.

Purchase price:   1-4 copies: £1.00 each  /  5-15 copies: £0.90 each  /  16-30 copies: £0.85 each  /  31-50 copies: £0.80 each  /  51+ copies: £0.75 each

Download licence:   Up to 30 copies: £23   /  Up to 60 copies: £39  /  Up to 90 copies: £50           For larger numbers, please enquire

Hire price:  30p per copy for a four month period

To enquire about placing an order, or for any further information, please contact David using this form.