This setting of words by Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924) is for unaccompanied SATB choir without divisi.

Its four verses reflect on four phases of Christ’s life – as an infant in the manger watched over by the angels, in grief and sorrow, at his crucifixion and in his Easter triumph over death. The lullaby refrain is a bittersweet reflection on all that is to come for the Infant King.

The work is suitable for concert performance, as well as for liturgical use during Christmastide.

It can be heard in rehearsal, and the score can be followed, in the video below:


The piece is available from Chromata Music in an 12pp booklet (9pp of music) in Octavo format (272x190mm), printed by on good quality stock. A piano reduction is included for rehearsal.

Those who wish to perform the work also have the options of purchasing a licensed download from which they can make their own copies, or hiring copies from the publisher.

Purchase price:   1-4 copies: £2.00 each  /  5-15 copies: £1.80 each  /  16-30 copies: £1.70 each  /  31-50 copies: £1.60 each  /  51+ copies: £1.50 each

Download licence:   Up to 30 copies: £45   /  Up to 60 copies: £79  /  Up to 90 copies: £100           For larger numbers, please enquire

Hire price:  50p per copy for a four month period

To enquire about placing an order, or for further information, contact David using this form.