2018 St Edmundsbury Cathedral / RA Vestey Trust: Before Action

2016 The Wessex Festival: Ave verum corpus

2015 Cantus Ensemble: A garden inclosed is my spouse

2013 Small Choirs Festival, London: Ave Maria


2020 West Lindsey District Council / Arts Council England: Cantata, A sure refuge

2019 Private commission: Wherever we go (subsequently reworked as Upon our way, a movement in the Cantata, A sure refuge)

2019 Private commission: The Good-morrow, commissioned for performance by Apollo5 and subsequently released by them as a track in their album, Where all Roses go

2018 Private commission: The Birthday of my Life

2018 The Lincoln Singers: The Gainsborough Responses

2017 Holy Trinity Church, Headington: God is Light

2016 St Barnabas Cathedral, Nottingham: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me

2015 Purbeck Arts Choir: Rosa mystica

2015 Purbeck Arts Choir: Three Anthems: Ponder my words, O Lord; My beloved spake; Rise, heart

2014 Private commission: The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit

2013 Private commission: Ponder my words, O Lord

As guide, the commissioning fee for an unaccompanied choral work is set by reference to a benchmark of £125 per performance minute, rising to £150 per minute for a work with keyboard accompaniment, and £200 for a choral work with small ensemble.

To explore commissioning a work from David Fawcett, contact him using this form.


The Angel Gabriel, on The Silver Stars at PlayKantos Chamber Choir (cond. Elspeth Slorach). Prima Facie Records 2017 (PFDC075).

The Good-morrow, on Where All Roses GoApollo5. VOCES8 Records 2021 (VCM 130)