Composed during the COVID-19 lockdown period in 2020, this partsong for mixed voices was written to sustain the hope that the day would soon come when choirs could be heard again, as part of the return of normal life around the world.

The partsong exists in two versions: for larger SATB choir with divisi, and for five-part chamber choir (SMzATB). Both versions are unaccompanied, but a piano reduction is provided for the purposes of rehearsal.

The words are by US poet Madison Julius Cawein (1865-1914):

Hope on, dear Heart, and you will see
The walls of worry fade and flee:
And sane of soul and sound of mind,
You'll go your way of life and find
The paths, once barren, suddenly
In blossom; and from Arcady
The summer wind blow sweet and kind.

Hope on, dear Heart.
Think what it'd mean to you and me
This life if Hope should cease to be!
If Hope should die what doubts would blind!
What black despairs go unconfined!
What sorrows weight us utterly!
Hope on, dear Heart!

Lyrical and meaningful, at just over 2 minutes long it would make a deeply impactful contribution or even an encore to any concert marking the return of a choir after the removal of current restrictions.

The SATB div score can be followed, and a synthesised rendition heard, in the video below:

Duration: 2:10

Pre-printed: This work is published by Chromata Music as an 8pp Octavo booklet (272x190mm). When making enquiries, please stipulate which version of the work you are interested in. 1-4 copies: £1.60 each  /  5-15 copies: £1.44 each  /  16-30 copies: £1.36 each  /  31-50 copies: £1.28 each  /  51+ copies: £1.20 each

PrintYourOwn: Alternatively, you can purchase a licence and PDF download from which you can make your own copies (minimum 20 copies), at a cost of £1.00 per licensed copy. 

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